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The Sweetest Cars

“What?” was my immediate reaction when my father told me that in Hershey some of the streets are painted brown to look like chocolate. I did not ever consider that he was not kidding. I would never believe that the streets were actually painted brown. Who would? Turns out… the joke was on me because the second we pulled out on to W. Chocolate Ave, I looked down and all I saw was brown. The next morning my father and I walked around the legendary Car Corral in which we saw Cadillacs, Fords and many other cars. There were cars as far as the eye could see… or as far as the feet could walk… which ever lasted longer. They were in parking lots, in tunnels, on bridges, I started to wonder when it was going to start raining cars. After we completed the car corral, we walked and saw what seemed like miles of venders. Step after step, each one felt as if it was another stroll in paradise. There were Model T bodies for sale, and I bet that if you looked hard enough, you could find all the other missing parts of ‘the car that put America on wheels.’ We stopped to see Jon and Sandy Lee as well as Chris and Heidi Charlton. Another person I had the pleasure of meeting that day was Mr. Jay Quail in the CCCA tent, he is the Executive Director of the National CCCA. We sat down and had hot dog together. Later that night, my father and I went to the last day of RM Auctions; The Jeffery Day Collection. It had everything from a 1984 Ford Bronco to an 1860 Abbott-Downing Stage Coach. I met Mark Hyman and a couple other very nice men and women.


Publisher: The Nor'Easter

Publish Date: First Quarter 2015

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The next morning, we went to the Hershey Car Show, which was amazing. I met up with a good friend of mine, Brownie Carson, who was also a newbie to the profound Hershey phenomena. We walked around the vender lots some more (you could not even get a glimpse of them in one day.) We walked and walked until we had just enough skin on the bottom of our feet to make it back to our truck. We then began our journey home. I hope to continue this tradition with my father and all my new and old friends.

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Chris DeMarey

Christopher DeMarey

When I was just seven years old I started judging at the world-renowned Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. Since then I have become a regular contributing author to the Classic Car Club of America New England Region magazine and I have been published nationally on multiple occasions. I am now fifteen and on the board of advisors for the Classic Car Club of America NER. From Amelia Island to the Boston Cup I have attended many car shows, tours and events along with helping in the process of planning the Classic New England CARavan for this coming September. I look forward to one day owning my very own classic and I hope to enter my vehicle in one of the various events I have attended throughout my childhood. E-mail - chris@demarey.net