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Mr Lincoln; The Packard Lover

The annual meeting this year was far from boring. It started at the Dorsett Inn with the gorgeous cars lined up just outside the door. The engines purred as we took off in route to Hildene, Lincoln’s house. He had his very own observatory in his backyard, a private air strip, a Packard and many other toys. After a tour of the beautiful Lincoln estate we headed to an old train station that has been converted to a wonderful restaurant. We ate a delicious lunch then headed to where they format and type what many consider to be the automotive bible; Hemming’s Motor News. When we arrived, a man greeted us and gave a tour of the collection.


Publisher: The Nor'Easter

Publish Date: First Quarter 2015

On Page: 5

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I was surprised to see so many of ‘my old friends’ (classic cars) that were at the Great Race. The Green Dragon was there along with many other cars such as a Ford Model B, plenty of fire trucks and some perfect cars ranging from the teens to the seventies. They even had some outboard motors and plenty of electronics. Many Car Club members then headed back to the Dorsett Inn, but my father and I, along with the Charltons, went to visit a New England figure and poet, Robert Frost. After paying our respects and throwing a penny on his grave, and joking about his brother ‘Jack’ (as in Jack Frost… ha ha) we were in pursuit of a Covered Bridge when my father and I took a detour. We saw a Sport Shop and felt the urge to gaze upon a different mode of transportation other than the beautiful classics. When we were done checking out the snowmobiles and quads, we too headed back to the Dorsett where we ate dinner and I was introduced to a cow bell and a fifty pound fur coat. I had a great time and I look forward to the next annual meeting.

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Chris DeMarey

Christopher DeMarey

When I was just seven years old I started judging at the world-renowned Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. Since then I have become a regular contributing author to the Classic Car Club of America New England Region magazine and I have been published nationally on multiple occasions. I am now fifteen and on the board of advisors for the Classic Car Club of America NER. From Amelia Island to the Boston Cup I have attended many car shows, tours and events along with helping in the process of planning the Classic New England CARavan for this coming September. I look forward to one day owning my very own classic and I hope to enter my vehicle in one of the various events I have attended throughout my childhood. E-mail - chris@demarey.net